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Tinnitus can affect many areas of your life other than just ringing in your ears. Download our ebook to learn more about the causes of tinnitus and treatment options available.


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Some symptoms of tinnitus include ringing or buzzing in the ears however it can also be perceived as clicking, roaring, whooshing or hissing.  Causes of tinnitus range from acoustic trauma, ototoxic medications, head and neck injuries, to autoimmune disorders and many other causes.

Seeing an audiologist can help you decipher what type of tinnitus you are experiencing based upon your symptom and what type of program will be best to help you manage the condition in a way that works for you.  There is no “one size fits all” program for coping with tinnitus.  Many different tactics are available to you so we hope that our ebook “Living With Tinnitus: Types and Treatments” sheds some light on the causes and relief options for tinnitus.

  • Learn about causes and symptoms of tinnitus.
  • Get an idea about what treatment options are available.
  • Determine what the best options for you might be.
  • Find out how a certified audiologist can assist in your tinnitus journey.